We have a large selection of vintage Barbie dolls and fashions available including family dolls and friends. We also have lots of retired collector items for sale including many foreign dolls and fashions. Some examples of what is available are shown below.

No.5 Barbie

< No.5 Barbie    Bubblecut Barbie >

Bubblecut Barbie
Bend Leg Barbie

< Bend Leg Barbie           Midge >

Bend Leg Midge
Color Magic Barbie

< Color Magic      Talking Barbie >

Talking Barbie
TNT Barbie

< TNT Barbie               TNT Stacy >

TNT Stacy
Bend Leg Francie

< Bend Leg Francie   TNT Francie >

TNT Francie
Coke Barbie

<  Coke Barbie         FAO Barbie  >

FAO Barbie

Prices for the items shown here are listed below. This is not a complete listing of what we have available. Click on Bebes t' Bears to order or request more information on availability and prices.