Little Bear Eduard Cramer Replicas. Vintage teddies made by this 100 year old company are highly collectible and very hard to find. Now, for the first time since the division of Germany, these high quality teddy bears are available in the USA. Eduard Cramer's great-great grandson, Thomas Lemm, has established EDUCA Trading USA and is marketing a limited edition of replicas of the old Cramer line. Thomas prefers not to give his Teddys a name (such as Petsy, Jackie, etc.), but assigns the old generic name and leaves it up to the collector to give each unique "hand made" teddy a name of their choosing. In addition to Little Bear shown here, the collector edition includes 17 other fully jointed mohair teddies, Father Monkey, Infant Monkey and several other animals. Most of the teddys are available in a wide range of sizes and limited to 500 - 2000 numbered pieces worldwide. Each item is boxed and tagged with the limited edition number and EDUCA trademark. More examples of what is available are shown below. If you are interested in learning more about EDUCA Trading go to EDUCA.

Teddy Baby

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Teddy Gold
Fair Bear

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Teddy Brown

Prices for the items shown here are listed below. This is not a complete listing of what we have available. Click on Bebes t' Bears to order or request more information on availability and prices.