Snowy Deb Canham Artist Designs. Deb has grouped her creations into collections. Collections are based on a theme and contain animal characters other than Teddy Bears (Even Martians and Dragons!). The items featured here are a good example of this refreshing approach. Current collections include Alice, Alice Too, Punch and Judy, Have A Heart, Good Old Days (Doodle won a 1999 Golden Teddy award) and Brenda Powers animals (Old Toys). Gollies, Mice and Special Editions such as Snowy shown here are also available. Most "characters" stand about 3" tall and are fully jointed. There are BIGger bears too and the 5" cloth dolls have finally arrived.The basic medium is mohair and the dress code is elaborate. Each item is hand sewn, comes in a custom box, and is tagged with the limited edition number and the signiture of the designer. There is also a collector club with items available only to club members. This is not the "usual" collector's club with a $2.00 pin and a newsletter. The pin itself is worth the price of membership. More examples of what is available are shown below. If you are interested in learning more about Deb Canham Artist Designs go to deb-canham.


< Madhatter        Ginger >

Chi Chi

< Chi Chi       Tilly Twill >

Tilly Twill

< Starbright         Nosey >


< Rose              Bella >


< Wheels      Punch & Judy >

Punch and Judy

< Rusty   Happy Chap >

Happy Chap

< Coco          Popsicle >


Prices for the items shown here are listed below. This is not a complete listing of what we have available. Click on Bebes t' Bears to order or request more information on availability and prices.