Cheeky "Be Mine" The Magical World of Merrythought. This English company started making teddy bears and other soft toys in 1930. Pre World War II examples are highly collectible and very hard to find. Merrythought's current line of limited edition collector bears includes replicas of these early pieces as well as new original designs. Each soft toy is "hand made" using traditional techniques and "sculpted in the finest fabrics" to create a unique piece which is numbered and can be registered with the company. Most of these collector teddys are limited to 1000 or fewer pieces worldwide and their mohair truly is superior (their original business was making mohair plush in the 1920's). In addition to their own designs, Merrythought has been licensed to reproduce Paddington, Rupert and early Farnell designs (one of the oldest names in Teddy Bears). Next to Merrythought's Cheeky, their Gollies are probably the most recognizable to American collectors. There are also US exclusives such as Cheeky "Be Mine" shown here. More examples of what is available are shown below. If you are interested in learning more about Merrythought collectibles go to Merrythought.

Cheeky Y2K Bug

< Cheeky Y2K Bug       Cowboy >

Cheeky Cowboy
Cheeky Monkey

< Cheeky Monkey    Baby Baggy >

Baby Baggy Bear
Little Pooh

< Little Pooh        Paddington >


< Cheeky Panda        Rupert  >

Banjo Joe

< Banjo Joe      Princess Diana >


Prices for the items shown here are listed below. This is not a complete listing of what we have available. Click on Bebes t' Bears to order or request more information on availability and prices.