Czarina Muffina Muffy Vanderbear. North American Bear Company introduced Muffy as a member of the Vanderbear Family in 1984 and "Life has been one big dress-up" ever since. The family includes Cornelius (Poppa), Alice (Momma), brother Fuzzy, sister Fluffy and Muffy. The Vanderbear family has had many adventures since their introduction and they are always appropriately dressed for the occasion, especially Muffy. Each adventure is issued as a collection. Also, several collections have been issued featuring just Muffy like Czarina Muffina shown here, or Muffy and one family member and/or her bossom buddy, Hoppy Vanderhare. Muffy has made many other friends since her christening who are frequently included in a family or Muffy collection. We do not carry the current Vanderbear line and all items offered for sale are retired. More examples of what we have available are shown below.


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Dutch Treat
Muffy Spring Bonnets

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Hoppy Spring Bonnets
Hearts and Flowers

< Hearts & Flowers       High Tea >

High Tea
Square Dancing

< Square Dancing           Safari >

Valentine II

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Rainy Day

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