Millennium Bride The Fashionable Terri Lee Doll. Terri Lee was the most fashionable doll of her day. Parents of the 1950s indulged their children to an unprecedented degree, partially because their babies were born during the war years and partially because the parents were children of the "great depression" and wanted their offspring to have everything of which they felt deprived. The story of the Terri Lee doll is a well documented history of fashions worn by both little girls and their dolls for the entire fifteen-year period described by many as the "baby boomer" era. Just as clothes are said by some to make the woman, clothes certainly did bear a most important part in the success of the Terri Lee doll, and as the doll becomes more and more valuable as a collectible, the clothes become correspondingly more expensive. Can't afford the original? No problem; The L.L. Knickerbocker Company has reproduced Terri Lee and their product compares favorably with the original. Pictured here is the Millennium Bride. More examples of what is available are shown below.

50th Anniversary

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Garden Party
Evening Formal

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Blue Bird

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