Theodore The World of Miniature Bears produced by Theresa Yang are hand made from artist designs. She is supported by some of the world's most talented miniature artists including Sue Chaffee, Stacy Pio, Becky Wheeler, Tina Richardson, Reanee Gladden and Eleonore Unkel-Schaufelin. Theodore by Celia Baham shown here with his double jointed head is a good example of the wide range of designs available. The World of Miniature Bears is very much a family business and a number of Theresa's relatives are involved in the venture. Her brother handles the Thialand factory and her sister and brother-in-law look after the Taiwan workshop. As a miniature artist herself, Theresa found that collectors were sometimes frustrated by the prices that she had to charge to make selling her one-of-a-kind designs viable. Therefore, she wanted to find an alternative to artist bears that didn't compromise quality. Check them out and you will find that she has achieved her goal! More examples of what is available are shown below. If you are interested in learning more about the World of Miniature Bears go to minibear.


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Raggedy Ann

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Prices for the items shown here are listed below. This is not a complete listing of what we have available. Click on Bebes t' Bears to order or request more information on availability and prices.